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Our company, 'Made in Mada' was created 6 years months ago after we moved to Sydney. We have lived in Madagascar all our lives and have loved sharing, living and working with the Madagascan’s people.

Arriving in Australia we wanted to showcase the Malagasy women's handy craft to assist in maintaining their traditional crochet and weaved work.

The sale of our products enable families to gain economic independence without having to leave their villages, and their families, to find work in large factories.

Beautifully hand-crafted in a timeless style using contrasting, limited run fabrics which add a modern, fashionable edge.

Our range is in all natural, sustainably sourced fibres, mostly from the raffia tree which grows in the middle of rainforest and need to be cut down to help other trees to grow.

Our new priority is to increase the natural dye in our range ; The result of our Boungainvillea, onions, soil’s dyeing is just amazing and it is 100% eco friendly.

When you choose to sell Made in Mada’s range, you travel to Madagascar and help people to preserve their tradition, their environment and to live a better life.

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